AJA celebrates today’s woman. The career woman.

The sister. The friend. The wife. Whatever the role you take on. Whatever the occasion. Whatever your style. AJA caters to you.

We specialize in Couture Tailoring, Bridal Wear, Couture Fabrics and Ready-to-wear pieces. The common thread amongst every AJA piece is the glamour and elegance. Our collections are greatly inspired by women from all over the world. From the tones and cuts of our pieces to the garment construction and our campaigns.

Every AJA piece is beautiful in its simplicity and timelessness. Every AJA piece is designed with you in mind and made to last. Our pieces are designed in our studio in Nigeria where our designers pay special attention to minute details to ensure that every woman feels confident and special.

We consider things such as fabric, color, form, and shape when designing, and ensure that we create a variety of pieces to suit every kind of woman.